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Casino Slots: 3 or 5 Reels?

Casino slot games are the most popular casino games according to statistics. Apparently casino slots are enjoying incredible popularity, especially since it has become so easy to play online. I’ve probably convinced you so far that there is a huge diversity of casino slots online: themed, classic or Las Vegas. Leaving these issues for the moment, we asked ourselves the following question: Which casino slots are more popular?

Those with 3 rollers or those with 5 rollers. It is obvious that each of us plays at the casino for various reasons and each of us has behind us our arguments for choosing to play a certain type of game. Either because we find it more fun, or we want something more interactive, or we try different strategies, or we assume that a certain game can bring us a faster chance of winning or maybe we just feel safer and luckier when we play a certain type of casino game. Of course, all these reasons are extremely important and we warmly recommend that you  feel  and intuition when playing at the casino. Let’s look at some more objective aspects of casino slots, though.

Casino slots payout rate

It’s time to dispel some myths. What you need to keep in mind is that regardless of the number of reels, be they 3, 5 or 10, the payout rate does not change during the game. So if until now you thought it was more difficult to make winning combinations by playing 5-reel casino slots, well it’s time to give up this preconception because most online 3-reel slot games have a payout rate similar to those that have 5 rolls. The payment rate we are talking about is 95%.

Cheats at casino slots

The essential difference between the two types of casino games (with 3 and 5 reels) really lies in the number of winning combinations, which is quite logical. In a 5-reel casino slot game, the winning combinations can form between 3 and 5 symbols. So the problem is as follows: either you find winning combinations more frequently but paid less or more moderately, or you win less often but more seriously.

This is where the whole winning strategy that you have to form if you really want to win starts. Don’t forget to keep this in mind when choosing a slot game.

In addition, if you want bigger winnings, Super Casino recommends you to play on all paylines. Depending on the type of casino slot game, you will be able to play on either 5 or 20 paylines. This way you will win large sums of money with an extremely small bet. We recommend that you read the paytables before choosing a game. This way you will know what to look for in a game, how to manage your bets and how to win more! This is all the more essential as you aim to win a progressive jackpot.

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